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2019-12-22 12:10 am
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time for an introduction.

i'm a 21-year old girl whos obsessed with arashi

my bias is jun, and my otp is matsumiya, but i also have a softspot for ohba

moved over from LJ! Formerly lovelybutter. 
i'm also going to be posting these in blackstormfics
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2017-03-02 12:00 am
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Aiba's Present

Pairing: Junba
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Crack, bit of fluff?
Summary: Aiba brings home a pet without Jun knowing! What's Jun's reaction when he see's what it is that Aiba's brought home?

AN: thanks [ profile] arashikuro for the idea <3

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2016-12-18 01:03 am

A Night to Remember

Pairing: Matsumiya
Rating: NC17
Genre: Smut, Royal AU
Plot: Ninomiya Kazunari hates the annual Christmas ball more than anything, so when he's forced by his father, the king, to go and find a partner, he does just that.

AN: Once upon a time I told myself I would never be able to write smut but here I am (I still can't write it so don't expect too much :S). Originally based on the quote: "Royal balls are such a bore aren't they?", I meant to make this some innocent Romeo and Juliet esque story but things happened, and well.

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2016-11-28 02:06 pm

First Day on the Job

Pairing: undecided
Rating: PG
Genre: crack
Plot: Sakurai Sho has his first day at his new job! But is it all that he expected it to be? And what's with the weird guy in the labcoat?

AN: This is the second part of the Untitled Scientist AU! I think this is the least amount of time I've taken to post between fics? oops. Hopefully I can continue in this fashion! If anyone has any ideas theyd like to see let me know! thisiscodeforihavenoideashelp

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2016-11-25 12:06 am

Untitled Scientist AU

Pairing: undecided
Rating: PG
Genre: Crack i think
Plot: Sho just got rejected from his fifth job application this week. Desperate, he applied to a somewhat sketchy looking job ad for a research assistant. Little does he know his life will never be the same.

AN SO BASICALLY I've been planning on posting this for a while, but I was really unsure about a lot of things and yeah. LOL
I have a few other little drabble like oneshot type things in this AU lined up but I'm open to other plot suggestions! :) <3

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2016-10-17 08:19 pm

Sakurai Sho and the Unfortunate Burglary

Pairing: Matsumiya
Rating: M
Genre: Crack/humor
Plot:Today Sakurai Sho was going to become a rich man.
He’d gone over his plan over a million times in his head, considering everything that could possibly go wrong and planning what to do in those situations.
However, one thing he didn’t account for was to be stuck in the couple’s “sex closet” as they went at it in the bedroom.
Disclaimer: if i owned them i wouldnt be writing fics rn

AN: I'm supposed to be studying but life is stressful and i need to destress so i finished this

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2016-09-16 11:57 pm

5 Times Nino Was Annoyed by Jun's Size and One Time He Wasn't

Pairing: Matsumiya
Rating: M I guess?
Genre: a bit of everything, I guess? maybe fluff?
Plot: Whoever said "size doesn't matter" obviously wasn't in Nino's position in a relationship.
Disclaimer: if i owned them this wouldnt be fanfic this would be a movie.

A/N: lmao I actually had this done for so long but I've been so busy with school and work that I only just got the chance to post it. As always, unbeta'd so you get the true raw form ;)

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2016-08-13 10:26 pm
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Pairing: Ohba, slight matsumiya
Plot: Ohno loses his sketchbook. Aiba finds it and decides to look through it. Did I mention that Ohno is infatuated with Aiba and has sketches of him that he’d rather no one sees?
Genre: fluff? i think? im still really bad at this LOL
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: if i owned them i'd have more merch than just two cd's.

A/N: lmao i spent so long writing this, probably because im not used to writing pairs other than matsumiya :S but yeah, not super satisfied with this but this was the best i can do writing something im not too familiar with

also dont you love it when you spend almost half an hour trying to fix formatting when lj messes it up 🙄
also if u havent noticed by now my work is all unbeta-d

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thanks for reading :)<3
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2016-07-21 01:42 am
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The Key to my Heart (and Bike)

Pairing: Matsumiya
Genre: fluff? idk what this would be considered
Plot: Jun parks his bike in his regular spot before work. When he returns, he notices that it has been locked to someone else’s. With no other option, he waits for the owner of the other bike to return.
Disclaimer: as much as i wish, i dont own arashi (if i did they'd have social networks)

A/N: my first fic yay! completely unbeta'd (except with spellcheck on word), so please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes :)

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